Sex Blog DirectoryFor over six years individuals and couples around the world have been quietly and not so quietly writing about their sex lives online. Some of these bloggers are known across the globe, the majority only within their own small circle of friends.

After a flowering of interest surrounding a few lauded individuals sex blogging has slipped quietly off the media radar in recent years. That was until the “outing” of Belle De Jour, now known to be Dr Brooke Magnanti of Bristol University.

Alex Parker, webmaster of (Including the Sex-Press Feed directory) one of the web’s most popular sex blog directories has stated, “Since the outing of Dr Magnanti our traffic has increased about 20%. This whole Belle De Jour story has re-ignited interest in sex blogging.” Parker went on to say, “Many people are realising that they can get their erotic fix for free online, and that there are places on the Web where they can find erotic writing about every nuance of sexuality.”

This increase in the use of blog directories and the Googling of the search term “Sex Blog” may be a short term blip before sex blogging fades back into the landscape of the blogosphere again. Or could it be the renaissance of adult writing on the Internet.

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