Sex In All Its Forms

May 12, 2008

Since taking over at Adult Blog Hub we`ve been trying to make changes to the site to improve it and how it serves its members. The most obvious change was the initial colour scheme update. Since then a number of internal changes have been taking place, the visible signs of which are just appearing.

Members will probably have noticed the “bulletins” box that has appeared on the member home page. This allows us to send you bulletins about your account and general messages without having to bug you with emails. We`ll be expanding this feature and our use of it in the future to bring you even more features.

However, there`s still a lot to do. There are the Search Screens and Quick Links which need attention, and a whole raft of other jobs that week, by week we`ll be addressing.

So, if you have any suggestions for improvements while we`re at it …

Before I forget, we added a new category to the site “Services” specifically for those bloggers who offer personal services and whose blog is very much a vehicle for those services.

So, if you want adult web news, come right here to

If you`re interested in our Sex Blog click here.

And if you want our sex blog directory, click here.

Here’s a handy guide to the sections on Adult Blog Hub:

Journals – Erotic journals

Creatives – Writers, filmakers and performers

Resources – Resources for adult bloggers and readers of adult blogs

Aggregators – Bringing together erotic content from various sources

News & Information – Adult buzz

Professional – Professional porn blogs

Services – Adult personal services

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