SociolotronThere`s a growing buzz at the moment about Machinima. If you don`t know what it is I suggest you look here for the Wikipedia definition. However, like all evolving media Machinima is what you make it, quite literally. In theory anyone can now make a Macinima movie with their own PC.

You may have noticed the enthusiasm amongst the press about the Bloodspell movie earlier this year. The appeal of sword wielding Amazons never wanes. Now while I don`t necessarily believe the rather monotheist title of Matt Hanson`s book “The End of Celluloid“, I do agree with his comment that “[Bloodspell] ups the ante for the next evolutions in the discipline.”. And the Guardian describes it as “A movie that defies most of the rules of traditional film-making”

Like all media before it, be that painting, sculpture, film, television or the Web Machinima has developed an adult side. I first heard about this in the naughty side of second life. I say heard about the naughty side because I`ve never seen a Second Life orgy, or indeed experienced any naughtiness in any of my sessions. I obviously don`t get invited to the right kind of hula parties. LOL But it does go on because Second Life like all online games to a greater or lesser extent holds a mirror up to real life, and in real life people have sex.

So will your online antics become the next YouTube sensation, or indeed big screen blockbuster? Who knows, but its more likely if you visit a site like Sociolotron a site specifically designed as an online adult RPG.

It`s not so far fetched you know. Ten unknowns have been plucked from obscurity by Vertigo Films to appear alongside Paul Nicholls and Tim Healy in the rom-com “Faint heart” Directed my Vito Rocco. Vertigo have a name for very distinctive productions such as “Dirty Sanchez“, “Human Traffic“, “The Football Factory” and “It`s All Gone Pete Tong“. So they were probably the natural choice for MySpace`s Movie Mashup. Filming of “Faintheart” is scheduled to begin right around now. It`ll be interesting to see how “the world`s first user generated feature film” works out.

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