Orgasm – The Play

November 22, 2009

Orgasm PlayTheatre productions are getting brave with their choice of titles lately, we had the Vagina Monologues which have been very successful and now we have Orgasm. This production it being performed at the Caxton Theatre in Grimsby.

Stop laughing. I know what you are thinking. Jokes about fish fingers come to mind but I’ll refrain from taking that naughty route. Lol

The production is taking place between 26th November and 5th of December and follows the success of Erections and Erections2. They know how to have fun in Grimsby. 😉 The story is one of a Grimsby man who is bored with daily life in Grimsby and decides to set up a swingers club.

It sounds like a fantastic subject for a play, I would love to go and see it. If anyone does let me know what you thought.

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