Penile Art By Pricasso

July 11, 2008

Pricasso (AKA Tim Patch) is an artists who never needs to cleam his brishes. Because he doesn`t use any. If you haven`t already guessed he paints with his penis. He started in 2006 and is now a regular at the Sydney Sexpo NSW Australia. He`s also appearing at the Exotic Erotic Ball, 24-25 October, Treasure Island San Francisco CA.

Prior to his penile portraiture he already had experience in using his dick in unusual ways. His speciality was penile puppetry, or as he likes to call them “Dick Tricks”.

Pricasso`s manipulation of his penis and constant abrasion on canvas doesn`t appear to have affected it`s function – he has four kids. And a very understanding wife.

You can see his work here, and even buy a portrait of yourself if you like.

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