Vulva Worship

November 7, 2009
Vulva Necklace

Vulva Necklace

Frequent readers know I have a very playful and naughty disposition. I love to be slightly risky and push the boundaries to a degree but not so far as discovery. After all it’s very much like outdoor sex, it’s great doing it and running the risk of being found, but you don’t want to actually be found.

Am I making sense? Good.

In the past we have had parents round when there has been a pair of love balls hanging on the Christmas tree. Had come stained cushions on the sofa Alex’s mother sat on one visit, much to my amusement. I sat opposite her and couldn’t stop smiling. It wasn’t deliberate just bad aim by Alex. Lol

I found this site and it is wonderful and tickles my naughty sense of humour no end, whilst producing some really nice pieces. You can get everything from a pendant to a plushie celebrating female gynaecology. Go and check it out.

If you are feeling generous I would love one of the pendants. X

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