Engineers Of Desire

May 29, 2008

Engineers Of DesireAt the passion show we found ourselves surrounded by a huge range of products, from vibrators to video, and as it turns out corsets to chain mail gloves on the Engineers of Desire stand.

I spoke to Cas, the creative talent behind the Engineers Of Desire Name.

She told us, “I am the designer and maker of most of the stuff you can see here. All the corsetry and leatherwear is all my work.”

I asked where she learned the skills which make her creations possible. “Well, I`m self taught … I trained as a metalworker and in jewellery and you can still see elements of that in my work. I started getting into the fetish scene, and really into corset wearing and started making them myself.”

That did not surprise me as we often find that the craftspeople who create these wonderful objects in leather, metal, rubber and PVC originally do so because they can`t find what they want in the market place already.

When I asked exactly what sort of fetishes Cas was in to she replied with an impish smile “Body piercing, tattoos … ” I got the feeling that list might not be exhaustive.

Some of the items on the EoD stand were quite pricey so I asked if customers are put-off by the higher priced but unquestionably beautiful items. “There is a lot of corsetry on the market, the [mass produced] and the hand made. People know the difference when they see it and they like it.”

The difference is in the unusual details and forms. I asked Cas where she derived her inspiration from. “I don`t know … at work, in the workshop, things just come to me. I work with Nico, my partner and a lot of it is just our personal taste.”

I had to ask – how much does one of the EoD corsets cost? “They start at £175 – up to £300 for one of these natural grained wild animal leather. The leather is from animals culled in northern Europe. For custom work it`s £400-£500.”

The fetish community are very visually aware, clothing for them can be very important, so do the buyers of custom items approach Cas and Nico with ideas of their own? “The people who come to me like my work and then we work together on [the item]. When they come in I can see the shape and style of the person and from there we work together [on a piece].”

The gallery on the EoD site shows how imaginative their work is. The quality of each creation is of the highest order, making each piece beg to be worn.

To find out more, visit their website, or email Cas on

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