A-Rouse.comThe cynic in me says that if you really want to promote your product get it banned. The Sex Pistols stayed at the top of the UK Charts with God Save The Queen in 1977 and it made their reputations. Even though the BBC wouldn`t even admit it was the top selling single and listings in the newspapers left a blank rather than print he name of the single and group.

Today I can see Prince Harry dancing to the track at his wedding … but then again he did turn up to a party in the most ill-considered fancy dress uniform possible. How times change.

What I`m actually talking about is the report that Google has apparently banned some of the ads supplied by Pampered Passions because they were “Too sexy”. One is embedded in this post, the rest are here, but if that`s as explicit as it gets then I`m wondering what century Google is living in. The first century AG (Anno Google) I suppose.

According to Pampered Passions “Google`s refusal to show ads that are completely acceptable to UK audiences on their network is turning out to be an increasingly frequent occurrence. Google are an American company and while they might seem to be really ‘cool` and ‘liberal` in the USA, their policies do seem rather conservative for European consumers. An outright ban on ads no ruder than a Christmas cracker joke & featuring less flesh than a swimwear catalogue seems pretty ‘uncool` to us”

It certainly made laugh and of course write this post, so whatever the reasons for this apparent over zealous Google censorship Pampered Passions got their coverage.

You might even begin to wonder if Pampered Passions had deliberately crossed the line with the ads to create a furore. Surely not.

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