Montcler Classics PVC Clothing

December 14, 2007

Moncler Classics,“[The Montcler] range includes thrilling Dresses, Skirts, Outfits and much more – fabricated in striking colours and with fully lined and daring semi transparent styles to choose from, Montcler are adding a new and refreshing dimension to vinyl and traditional PVC based designs.”

The Montcler family have been trading out of London for over 150 years, though unlike some established companies they`re not afraid to move into new markets. Using the expertise the firm has in other forms of PVC clothing they have started to produce fetish ware.

The Montcler Classics range of PVC fetish clothing is more subtle than some that we`ve seen. I`d love to see some close up because the materials used seem to be tailored (can you use that term for PVC?) very skilfully.

There range includes skirts, dresses, rainwear and “outfits” like the maid/wench outfit pictured. They incorporate a plain and patterned, opaque and translucent PVC to produce designs that deserve to be a hit with PVC lovers.

Some of the patterned garments are not so easy on the eye, but they are eye-catching. But every item in their range makes me want to reach out and have a feel. Of the clothes you naughty people, though if they are being modelled by the one you love (or lust after) I`m sure it wouldn`t stop there. The texture of PVC … mmmm … and so practical being easy to clean.

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