Talking To Dirty Fukker

November 13, 2008

Dirty Fukker UnderwearI recently reviewed some Dirty Fukker underwear on Sex Toys Buzz. You can read the review here.

James, the founder and proprietor of Dirty Fukker Underwear was kind enough to answer a few questions about the brand and its very in-your-face image.

Alex: How did DF start?

James: DF started when I the company I worked for in Camden closed and I wanted to do something for myself. I had a background in design and my housemate [who] was really into underwear said I should design him something for him. So I did and it went from there.

Alex: I hesitate to ask but where did the name come from?

James: He was never home, the boxer briefs have a condom pocket, the name just followed naturally.

Alex: LOL. So, how long have you been creating underwear?

James: It been about 2 ½ years now.

Alex: Who creates the designs for DFU?

James: I create all the designs for DFU.

Alex: So, anything new in the pipeline?

James: There`s a new Punk design coming out in the next few weeks, my reference to the great time I had working in Camden.

Alex: Sounds interesting, I`ll keep my eye out for them. Who are you aiming DF Underwear at? What`s your target demographic?

I`m not aiming at any market specifically. My target demographic is guys that want fun sexy underwear.

Alex: What are your best sellers?

The best seller by far has been the Jocks. We started out making Boxer Briefs and then due to customer demand produced a Jock and it has been a massive hit.

Alex: Do you see DF as a brand for boutiques or as something that like FCUK could end up in the large chains?

James: The DF brand is available worldwide in a number of independent stores, but I have been approached by a couple of high street chains who have shown interest. I suppose it all depends on how brave the buyer`s feeling.

Alex: LOL. Given that you`ve yet to get them on the rails at M & S. Where can people buy your products?

James: In the UK you can get the DF line from Quake for Men in Northampton, Oh La La in Barnsley, Fetish Freak in London to name a few we`re hoping to get into the new DV8 store in Soho when it opens and there`s also a list of stockists world wide at

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