Cage X-Press Industries

March 27, 2008

The Internet is full of equipment for BDSM play. This ranges from the faux fluffy handcuffs to seriously intense looking equipment. If your needs are at the latter end of that scale then you should try visiting Cage X-Press.

The company have a pedigree of supplying metal items to the BDSM community and their range is impressive. However I did notice that some of the items listed are discontinued. The equipment looks sturdy and as if it will take a lot of punishment. However as we haven`t visited their very authentic dungeon on the Holloway Road we can`t say we`ve had “hands-on” their products.

Cage X-Press are now supplying totally bespoke items. While this means that you get exactly what you want it also means lead times from date of order are quoted as 4-6 weeks. Not great if you`re the impatient type, but then again I suppose the anticipation of the arrival of your new industrial strength toys would more than make up for that.

Sensibly the cages Cage X-Press supply are collapsible, making transport to a munch-away-from-home easy. While I`m not an expert on cages the designs look innovative and intriguing.

What`s more the company have recently added a small range of wooden furniture to their online catalogue. You`ll have to visit their main page and click on the link on the left sidebar to get to it. The site is set out as a frames page and although I could embed a link to the appropriate section you wouldn`t be able to navigate away from it.

It makes me want to rekindle my woodworking skills.

Tags: Bondage, BDSM

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