The Mansfield Dungeon

February 12, 2008

Mansfield Dungeon, A-Rouse.comWe arrived at the Mansfield Dungeon at five minutes to two on an overcast Sunday afternoon. We`d arranged to meet our hosts there a few days earlier and managed to drive straight to the door without taking a wrong turning. The entrance is innocuous and discrete; I knocked, heard the sound of footsteps, a key turned in the lock and we were welcomed into the Mansfield Dungeon by Mistress Falstaff …

The Mansfield Dungeon is owned and run by Mistress Falstaff (aka Maria) and Roxanne (aka Ian). The dungeon is actually a product of Maria and Ian`s relationship, and having spoken to them on that Sunday we can categorically say it is a labour of love. Love between Maria and Ian and a love of the BDSM scene.

Mansfield Dungeon, A-Rouse.comWe had the opportunity to talk for several hours about their lives, the dungeon and their experiences of BDSM and the TV scene. There is a lot to tell and therefore we`re going to be splitting this feature over more than one post. To begin with we‘ll introduce you to the dungeon, then in subsequent posts to the people behind it, Maria and Ian.

The Mansfield dungeon is above all an intimate and welcoming place. The dungeon offers scheduled events (see the event calendar on the site for details) or can be hired for private parties of up to 15 people.

The dungeon`s ethos seems to be based around the concept of friendship rather than a commercial enterprise. Maria (Mistress Falstaff) is a pro Dom, but calling her that is too simplistic. Maria is a lifestyle Dom, she`s also pro because of the way in which she realised and developed the dominant side of her personality. More of that in the next part of this feature.

People travel from far and wide (literally) to attend parties at the Mansfield dungeon. When we arrived a couple had just popped back from their hotel to pick up bags they had left there after the party the night before. I can`t say exactly where they were from but they had a long drive home, and were regulars so obviously believe the experience is worth it.

Mansfield Dungeon, A-Rouse.comThe reason has to be the atmosphere. The dungeon is well appointed with equipment for play of various kinds (as a non-expert I`ll let the images speak for themselves). Whatever your preference from a simple flogging, to rope suspension, or an evening on the Queening Chair, or maybe attached to the imposing steel pyramid, the dungeon can cater for you.

What`s more Maria can arrange for you to be attended to by a Pro Dom, or for you to express your Dominant side over a pro sub. These are not just random people individuals plucked from a chat room, each pro invited into the Mansfield Dungeon is thoroughly vetted, both for their character in the Dungeon and outside.

As Ian explained ” … we wine and dine them, get to know them [before accepting them]”

Because Maria and Ian know the six pro Doms currently working with the Mansfield Dungeon so well you can be sure of the correct match between a submissive and Dom. Doms always work under the supervision of Maria to ensure things don`t get out of hand.

We were interested to find out where the equipment in the dungeon is sourced. Maria explained that one of the regular users of the Dungeon made both the suspension frame (with removable stocks) and the Queening Chair. This typifies the symbiotic relationship the Dungeon has with its clients.

Friendship is a word that kept coming up in the interview, and friendship can only come from trust. The clients who use the dungeon know that Maria and Ian want to ensure that they are safe at all times. On party nights they tend not to play with the clients, standing back and maintaining a sense of perspective. That way if the play gets out of hand they can, as caring responsible hosts, intervene to ensure that the experience is intense, but safe.

Mistress Falstaff is a true Dom, with a deep understanding of the BDSM scene. She derives evident enjoyment from her role as Mistress of the dungeon. This was illustrated several times during our visit in, for example, her description of the use of riding crops brought a wicked glint to her eye. Later she offered to introduce me to a butt plug of monstrous proportions, a kind offer that thought it best to decline.

Mansfield Dungeon, A-Rouse.comThe clientele of the Mansfield Dungeon includes people from all walks of life, all backgrounds. They all know that time spent in the capable hands of Maria and Ian is guaranteed to be memorable.

Some of the equipment is obviously popular the telltale rope marks on wood and polishing of steel rings tell you that. Other equipment is only used by a small number of people. Each to their own. The prime example of that is the cage (pictured) used only by one male client. Maria commented that he`s very responsive to touch, particularly tickling, he also enjoys being suspended and tickled.

Maria and Ian were at pains to point out that they offer a non-sexual service. The Mansfield Dungeon is about exploring the boundaries in a safe sane and consensual way. The pleasure to be derived from that is easily enough for their clients.

There`s an evident pride in what Maria and Ian have achieved with the Mansfield Dungeon that is evident when they describe the place, the parties and the people that play there. It is a pride without conceit, they take pleasure in giving pleasure, especially if that pleasure derives from pain LOL.

Mansfield Dungeon, A-Rouse.comSuze now has a dilemma. Maria described how she has, on occasion, invited friends (unaware of her involvement in the BDSM scene) to take part in “A party with a difference”, and they have thoroughly enjoyed it. As we wound up the interview Maria offered (to us both but directed to Suze I noted) “Give me five minutes [to show you what a Dom can do for you]”

Suze has Maria`s number …

In the next part of this feature on the Mansfield Dungeon, Mistress Falstaff and Roxanne, we`ll explore their relationship and how they came to create the dungeon.

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