Jerry Ryna, Seven Of NineWe`re non of us perfect. I know I`m not, either in personality or appearance, so if I were actually bothered about the image that the popular media depicts as being the “ideal” I would have a constant struggle to try and attain it. And of course I`d be permanently disappointed.

So I was very impressed to hear that the producers of the new Star Trek movie are holding open castings for extras with unusual looks. That is, not your conventional cast of beautiful people that you would expect to be hired for films. Reading through the article on the BBC News website I was heartened to read that they are looking for people of all appearances that fall outside the conventional.

Then I hit the snag. Even in the enlightened egalitarian world of Trek there`s a caveat. All the extras must be skinny, to quote the invitation “Everyone must be thin, athletic, fit; wardrobe will be form-fitting. All hair lengths on males and females welcome”

So not quite as enlightened as you might have thought. Even in a fictional world with Utopian ideals such as the Trek Universe you still have to live on lettuce and be built like a long distance runner. Are there no curvy aliens? The Trek movie is about Kirk`s early adventures and I know that Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) had curves as did Vina the Green skinned Orion Slave Girl.

Maybe the extra mass would prevent the new Scotty (Simon Peg) from getting the Enterprise to Warp 1. Or maybe, just maybe, there`s no place for shapely actors and actresses in films …

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