Marilyn MonroeBig names sell. Big Names having sex sell even better. Photographic evidence too? You just name your price. But the fact is that when someone suddenly “discovers” a previously unknown piece of film or photographic print picturing a celeb you have to demand provenance.

Recent cases in the UK where autograph dealers were convicted for producing celebrity sportsmen`s signatures on a large scale are the thin end of the wedge. There was the famous “Hilter Diaries” incident too. So when Suze mentioned the Marilyn Monroe sex film yesterday I was a little sceptical. Apparently I`m not the only one.

The Defamer has a great article here debunking the film of Marilyn Monroe giving a blowjob to (it is suggested) one of the Kennedy clan.

The key points they make are:

· The film was supposedly made of Marilyn Monroe as a starlet. If filmed in this time period of Monroe’s life, why would the feds have cared about the activities of a young starlet, considering that Marilyn Monroe had not reached the heights of fame at the time this footage was claimed to have been filmed?
· “You see instantly that it’s Marilyn Monroe – she has the famous mole.” This is a quote by Keya Morgan, which is one of the flimsiest pieces of evidence ever presented. Just because this alleged film has a person with a mole, it’s instantly Marilyn Monroe?
· Essentially Morgan is claiming that this is a bootleg copy of a classified FBI film. So if an original is classified, why would the FBI allow this public brouhaha in the press and not stop this sale from taking place? Why would this film copy not be destroyed?
You can read about Keya Morgan here and make your open mind up about his motivation when it comes to all things Marilyn. The defamer`s a little scathing about who wrote this bio. You have been warned.

Or if you want to see him in interview click here.

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