Yojiro Takita

Japanese porn is often a little unusual. Cultural differences can often make the gap between Japanese concepts of erotica and those in the west very wide indeed.


You would have thought that would have been the case for a series of softcore films about a man who molests people on trains. Beginning in 1981 with Molester and the Female Teacher (痴漢女教師 – Chikan onna kyoshi) and including titles like Molester’s School Infirmary (痴漢保険室 – Chikan hokenshitsu) and Molester’s Train: Underwear Inspection (痴漢電車 下着検札 – Chikan densha: shitagi kensatsu).

Yojiro Takita won the Oscar for best foreign language film. Not quite the same as Ron Jeremy winning best actor for a role as King Lear, but you never know … Huge congratulations to him though as he’s the first Japanese director to win best foreign language film award in five decades.

Minoru Murai first coined the phrase “pinku eiga” (pink film) to describe these films. Starting as a way to avoid Japan’s strict censorship they seem to have deteriorated in later years to films packed with gratuitous nudity and (separate) violent scenes. Not too far from Hollywood then.

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