Valentines Day Sugar Rush

January 19, 2008
by, Love Hearts HamperYou wouldn`t expect anything else from a firm called “Love Hearts” than a big heap of Valentines Day goodies.

They have numerous sugar based gift ideas, such as boxes of sweets and other items like teddy bears and silver pendants. For Valentines Day they are now promoting:

“A beautifully presented, handmade Hamper Box is filled with sweets, including three rolls of Love Hearts that can be personalised to deliver your very own sweet message on Valentine`s Day.”

Are Love Hearts sweets a British thing? Or does the rest of the world have them. Well in case you don`t I ought to point out that Love Hearts are a sugar delivery system without equal. They are to the human body what nitrous oxide is to a drag racer. They also make you backfire.

You have been warned, but if you still want to risk having your beloved racing around the room like a jet powered love machine the sugar-hit-hamper is available here. Last orders for Valentines Day delivery (UK mainland) is 13:00 GMT on 13 February 2008., Ellipse LingerieAlternatively you could select a gift from Ellipse Lingerie:

“Choose from the great array of luxury lingerie and Ellipse will include a pretty lace bag, packed full of smooth, hand-made chocolates from Columbia. Every gift comes beautifully packaged in bright pink boxes and ribbons and is designed to delight the love of your life. Ellipse is committed to supporting the important Columbian children`s charity called Fundacion Pies des Calzos and will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to help Colombian children who are victims of violence.”

Colobian chocolates are sure to make you smile, especially when you know you`re helping Fundacion Pies des Calzos and their work with children.

“Prices range from £38 for a full cup bra to £55 for a bustier or bikini. Pyjama sets are £56.00.”

Go on, treat her, or him for that matter. There`s no excuse as they have stockists in France, Spain, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia, as well as the UK.

If your really want to enjoy confectionary on Valetines Day, or your partner is an incurable chocoholic there is only one place to visit. Thorntons chocolate is made from the finest cacao, sugar and the distilled orgasm of a freshly plucked virgin. OK so some of that may not be entirely true.

However according to Thorntons “The cacao tree is a tropical evergreen plant and was christened Theobroma Cacao during the eighteenth century by the Swedish botanist, Linnaeus. Theobroma Cacao means ‘the food of the gods’ from the Greek ‘theos’ meaning ‘god’ and ‘broma’ meaning ‘food’, reflecting the reverence chocolate has.”

Click here for the Thorntons Valentines Day page. 

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