Sex Toys For The Boys

May 16, 2013
Sex Toys For Boys

Sex Toys For BoysProstate Cancer

Sex toys for men are a constant source of wonder for us here at Once few and far between there was a time not so long ago that sex toys for men meant sex toys for gay men. That is, butt plugs.

Many heterosexual men have discovered the delights of using butt plugs.  Their popularity has arguably caused the range of men’s sex toys to increase far beyond the bulbous lumps of black latex once available—And we’re not just talking about cock rings.

One area that has seen a huge growth is male masturbation aids. While many manufacturers offer stroker and pocket pussy masturbators, there are a few designers of masturbation aids for men who think completely outside the box. The palm pussies and Fleshlights of this world are really great, but if you’re looking for something different that combines texture, vibrations and your own hand for masturbation there is just one choice:

The Hand Solo Stroker from Rocks-Off.

You slip your hand in to the Hand Solo, turn on the RO-80mm bullet with your thumb and proceed to pleasure yourself by cradling your erect penis in the palm of your hand which, due to the presence of the Hand Solo has become a textured vibrating masturbation machine. You’ll need a little lube to ensure the soft but firm nubs on the surface of this silicone sex toy slide freely along your length so don’t start without a few drops.

The Hand Solo Stroker is one of those sex toys that makes you think “Why did nobody think of this before?” But maybe that’s because it doesn’t try to copy the female anatomy slavishly as many of its competitors do. Instead Rocks-Off have taken the lead from the best vibrator manufacturers and worked out what a guy’s penis needs to be thoroughly aroused and excited and not assumed that what mother nature provided in the shape of a woman’s vagina is necessarily the best solution.

Another advantage of the Hand Solo Stroker (apart from the price which is ludicrously low), and its ease of cleaning, oh, and the fact the vibrating bullet is waterproof … yes, apart from all that – the RO-80mm bullet is removable. So what? You ask. Well you can take the bullet out to stimulate yourself, or your partner if you’re not alone. If the RO-80mm breaks (and we’ve never had one fail on us) it’s easy to replace, and finally you can upgrade when the next super-duper version of the RO-80mm becomes available.

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