Sexual Freedom

September 29, 2014
Sexual Freedom

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The freedom to self-expression usually through free speech is a right taken for granted by billions of people across the world. But what is less well defined is the right to express your sexuality freely. Increasingly it’s becoming clear that a divide is opening up between those societies where all sexualities that involve mutual consent between those engaging in sexual activity are embraced, and the rest where deviation from a perceived norm is regarded as just that – deviant, unwanted, reviled and often criminalised.

But let’s not talk about the obvious issues here such as the criminalisation of homosexuality, usually on religious grounds, or the lack of sexual self-determination for women, again often based on religious and traditional systems that give men control over most aspects of life. No, think about some more subtle restrictions on the free expression of sexuality that people in the “free world” not only put up with but often perpetuate.

It’s still quite a step for a sportsman or a politician to identify as gay or bisexual during their career. It can affect the way their career progresses, sponsorship, the way the fans treat them, indeed if they are able to create a career for themselves at all. The same is true for politicians where voters are not bound by the laws which make it a crime to discriminate based on things such as sexuality. A voter can be as fickle, partial and down right bigoted as they like. That after all is what democracy is about, giving everyone a voice even if you don’t agree with them.

The problem is of course that while legally any form of sexual expression may be suppressed by bigotry and ignorance inherent in a populous.

Not all developed countries are like this when it comes to things like escorting. In the UK escort services can be provided so long as money does not change hands for sexual services. Far be it from me to imply that everyone knows that this law is not always adhered to but you would have to be naïve to believe that every escort operating in any country only offers non-sexual services. I’m sure many do but …

Australia on the other hand has a healthy and open approach to escort services, like those provided by Escorts and Babes. Legal, open and regulated this sort of sensible approach to the adult services business means that customers and service providers are both protected and controlled to create a sustainable service industry which generates earnings for the escorts, provides a sought after service for the customer and tax dollars for the government.

The openness engendered by this sort of legal and legitimate escort service means all involved are consenting and aware of the quid pro quo involved. Unlike in countries where services like this are illegal, underground and often run for the benefit of criminal gangs.

When you can choose your sexual partner and the sex doesn’t have to be for anything other than your pleasure it opens up a world of possibilities. Of course whatever you get up to must conform to the usual three rules of being safe, sane and consenting, but so long as all those apply then employing someone to be your ideal partner, if only for a few hours seems incredibly sensible to me.

Personally I’m in favour of a well thought out, policeable and open sexual services industry in my country of residence, the UK. But I doubt if I’ll see that in my lifetime because in a relatively conservative, ostensibly Christian country during a time of economic austerity open mindedness and acceptance of sexual freedom is always in short supply.

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