Trying something new this EasterEaster is right around the corner and it is a time that many people enjoy for its brightly coloured eggs, chocolate bunnies, and toys.  But, what if that magical Easter Bunny brought something a little different this year?

Leave the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans to the kids and try something new this Easter.  Grown-up Easter baskets can be filled with lots of stuff to enjoy in the bedroom including brightly coloured vibrating love eggs, stimulating bullets, and – to keep with tradition – chocolate-flavoured lubricant!

Introducing new things into a sexual relationship can be a little scary, but also a lot of fun.  Experimenting with one’s partner can increase not only intimacy, but also communication and excitement.  So, if the topic has never come up, why not choose Easter weekend to incorporate a few new ideas?  It is a time of rebirth and renewal, after all.

Here are some ways to make this Easter just a little hotter.

Reveal a fantasy to each other

Intimacy – emotional and sexual – is all about communication.  If both partners don’t know what turns the other on, there are going to be some bumps in the road and things could get pretty stale.  Sharing a secret fantasy with each other, in detail, allows both partners to open up, build intimacy, and prove mutual trust.  This can be very sexy, even if the fantasy is simple.

Flirt like in the early days

When couples have been together for a certain amount of time, that spark that once burned bright may dim a little.  Flirting is a great way to get that spark back, so try it!  Technology is a great way to not only stay connected, but it can play an integral role in flirting and building that anticipation of later.  So, start “sexting” or posting flirty Facebook messages on each other’s walls.

Try a toy or two

Toys aren’t just for kids!  There is a wide range of sex toys today that goes well beyond the traditional vibrator and riding crop.  A popular device that many couples enjoy is the love egg, which is a sensual vibrator shaped like an egg or bullet.  Small, discrete, and sexy, these toys often come equipped with a range of settings.  A great way to introduce a toy like this is to visit a UK online sex toy store together and choose one both will enjoy.

Get erotic in a new way

Many couples are hesitant to talk dirty to each other, but this really works.  Just like sharing a fantasy, telling each other where to touch and go from there can really boost intimacy.  If shyness is still a factor, why not pick up a book of erotica and take turns reading sexy passages, or even acting out what’s on the page?  Some couples even find it easier to write their own erotica – an exchange of naughty love letters.

When it comes to changing things up in the bedroom, the possibilities are endless.  Remember, these are just a few ways to spice things up this Easter.  So, what will the Easter Bunny be bringing in his basket?

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