AMF Korsets

December 2, 2007

AMF KorsetsBrowsing the web you will find a huge number of people trying to sell you something. Sadly what they are selling is rarely unique and original. Even the most creative of web sites often sell products or creations little different from those available elsewhere on the web. There are certain themes which recur, not always a bad thing, but sometimes lacking in originality.

Then occasionally you come across a site that shows you something one step beyond what is normally available. Or in the case of AMF Korsets, huge strides beyond what you`ll see elsewhere.

AMF Korsets don`t just create corsets, there are collars, wings, masks and items that while classified as one of the above don`t really seem to fit into those categories. They are creations of an inspired mind, some might say a tortured mind. I can`t look at them without thinking Tsubasa, Giger, Bruegel even.

Take for example his work, “The Four Pony Girls of The Apocalypse”. Is famine a commentary on the ultra-skinny models favoured on today`s catwalks? Or is it just a great corset and piece of clubwear. I find myself not really caring in many respects as some of the pieces on the site are staggeringly beautiful, appealing to my goth leaning and macabre aesthetic tastes.

I find myself getting lost in this site, partly because the navigation can be a little hit and miss, but mainly because I constantly want to see more of this guy`s work. Wearable art is a phrase used on the index page and I can`t disagree, these are pieces that would hold their own in any exhibition and are practical (in the right setting) as items of clothing. OK, so you wouldn`t wear them to the office, but you might wear them to an interview, LOL.

Louis Fleischauer has fashioned some of the most amazing and emotionally evocative pieces of clothing I have ever seen. Take a look here.

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