For Your Eyes OnlyIf you`re struggling to find a gift for the one you love this year, you might want to spend some time looking at this site and considering what they could do for you. “For just £99, you can re create your favourite boudoir shot from our gallery of pictures, enjoy a mini makeover and take home your very own exclusive 7×5″ sexy print to cherish forever!”.

The offer only applies to shoots taking place between 3 & 7 December 2007, so if you want to take advantage of the special offer, get moving now!

The company was originally founded by Alexandra Burns and is based in High Wycombe. They are expanding and have recently opened a studio in Kennedy Street, Manchester too. For Your Eyes Only have a comprehensive range of services that, according to their press release, “empower women and improve their self confidence, by capturing their true beauty and making the most of their body shape-whatever it may be.” The emphasis is on providing a service that the female clientele will be comfortable with, including an all female staff to ensure you’ll always feel at ease.

Even if you don`t manage to squeeze in a quickie before Christmas you could do worse than considering one of their range of packages designed to suit all bugets. FYEO have been around since 2002 and now have an impressive gallery of intimate and tasteful portraiture on their site. Clients give them rave reviews and they`ve even been featured in the national press.

For further information email, or call the “Christmas Quickie Hotline” on +44 (0) 8700 801 790.

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