Fairy Goth Mother

November 25, 2007

A-Rouse.comWhen we were at the Adult Only Show in Birmingham I visited the Fairy Goth Mother stand. I say I, as Suze was tied up with Anna Span. Maybe that wasn`t the best way of putting it but I now have an interesting mental image to treasure. LOL. No I mean she was talking to Anna so I wandered off to cover some fresh ground while they were chatting.

I didn`t spend much time at FGM as the staff were run off their feet, and it`s not surprising.

Fairy Goth Mother is a site that I would love to be able go mad on this Christmas and spoil Suze rotten. The clothing is theatrical and glamorous, obviously with a gothic feel, but more than that. The clothing is beautiful in itself, but it also emphasises what beautiful creatures women are.

We`ll have to pop down to their shop one day and give you the real low-down, but until then, have a look round their site and enjoy the picture a I took.

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