Adult Blog HubSince taking over Adult Blog Hub we`ve been making changes to it. This process is quite painstaking and will continue for a while yet.

What you will have seen if you`re familiar with the old site is that there are now multiple categories into which we are re-categorising sites to ensure that everything is easy to find.

One problem a lot of people seemed to be having with the old setup was getting the right links back to the site. Particularly if they were using the posting and toplist sections. We`ve now made that easier by creating a customised links page for each site.

All members will be receiving an email over the coming weeks as we review each site and ensure it is in the correct category. We`d be really grateful if you adjust your links to comply with this new setup. It will help our readers find you better and ensure that the section you`re in receives more visitors. Which in turn means you will receive more visitors.

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