Online Dating – DIY

November 9, 2007

Plenty More FishIt gets easier every day to build a website. You can do it yourself, or use one of the many tools available for would-be webmasters of any ability. You don`t have to be a whiz-bang HTML boffin to get a site up and running any more.

Most tools are very general, but some are quite the opposite. As proved by one I came across today. ( has the technology to allow you to build your own dating website based on their tools. So if you`ve ever fancied yourself as online cupid they might just have the solution. They provide the technology, support and a ready made database containing hopeful singles who have already registered, you just deliver a branded front end. Voila! You get to share in the revenue and have an instant dating site of your very own. If you`re interested read more here ( or you can contact PMF via this address

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