Anna Span

UK Adult film director Anna Span is to stand for parliament in the seat of Gravesend in Kent. Anna, real name Anna Arrowsmith, will be replacing the previous Liberal democrat candidate Bruce Parmenter and she is hoping to take a seat in parliament by the summer.

Arrowsmith’s stated intention in the adult film world was for equal rights for female performers and to bring porn in an accessible form to women viewers. How this will translate to a political career has yet to be seen. Claiming to have taken up the Lib-Dem candidacy because of the expenses controversy still rumbling on in the UK she is certainly in tune with the general feeling of the UK population. However will righteous indignation be enough to carry her to Westminster?

The Liberal Democratic party have said in relation to her appearance on the hustings “We are proud to have candidates throughout the country with a great diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.” Anna Span would certainly add a new facet to the careers reflected by MPs. Of course Arrowsmith’s entry into politics is not without precedent. Italy’s “Cicciolina” (Ilona Staller) entered politics during a career appearing in porn films, not just directing them.

Obviously Anna Arrowsmith will be hoping that the good people of Gravesend judge her on the fact that she is a UK adult independent film director and feel that fact is more important than the type of films she produces. Because sadly, despite living in an ostensibly enlightened society the fact remains that the majority of the population are quite happy consume porn whilst a sizeable number simultaneously looking down their noses at those who produce and appear in it.

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