Apple Sex It Up!

August 15, 2010

playboy bunnyFollowing all the controversy over adult applications on the iPad it seems that Playboy magazine have now reached an agreement with Apple.

They are now marketing an app which is priced the same as a hardcopy of the magazine at $4.99.  Restrictions have been put in place to check that users are at least 17 to be able to download the app.

But here is the sting.  Following Apple’s policy on porn you will not find any images of naked women even though there are warnings that the content depicts “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity” and “infrequent/mild profanity and crude humor”.

So can anyone tell me, why would you want to purchase a copy of Playboy without the nudity?  After all it is renowned as being a wank mag after all.  🙂

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