Not A Utah Cheerleader

Not A Utah Cheerleader

Brandon Davies a player with the Brigham Young University’s basketball team in Utah has been suspended after admitting to college staff that he has had sex with his girlfriend.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that sex at college was mandatory rather than prohibited but at this particular University students are encouraged to abide by an “Honour Code” reflecting the state and university’s Mormon beliefs. What’s interesting is that the transgression of the code was not discovered by chance. Davies admitted the pre-marital sex to university officials.

To those of us with secular beliefs this sort of covenant, confessional and subsequent punishment are very alien. However in a country that cherishes the right to free speech and freedom of worship it goes with the territory.

What does puzzle us here at A-Rouse and has been the subject of much conjecture is the point at which Davies did the dumbest thing. Was it when he had sex, or was it admitting it? Of course in a devout religious context you could argue that he sinned, was fallen and gained redemption by confessing. But then God knew all along didn’t he?

Other parts of the university’s honour code included not smoking, drinking, taking drugs, drinking tea or coffee and not swearing, oh, and regular church attendance.

Following the player’s suspension the basketball team lost their next game. Dunno what that says.


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