Erotica 2012 Cancelled

April 3, 2012

Erotica 2011Alex and I made our first visit to Erotica at Olympia, London in November last year.  After what seemed like a never ending journey due to delays on the train lines we eventually arrived at the show with just 3 hours to walk round before closure.

We attempted to reduce the cost of entry being so late in the day and as we were there to cover the event we hoped that we could access the show for a smaller fee.  We were hoping!  They refused to reduce the cost of entry which was astronomic.

As we both entered the hall we wondered if we would be able to cover the whole event in such a small space of time to avoid the extortionate cost again the following day.

It wasn’t an issue because we managed to meet up with everyone we knew there and see everything we needed to see within the small time frame.  As I said at the time we were rather under whelmed with the whole event and very much disappointed given the cost of the trip as a whole.

Since then we have wondered how the event would fare in the future as it appeared to be ding on its feet.

And then today it came to our notice that the events organiser Savvas Christodoulou had announced that the show was cancelled for 21012 giving the following statement.  “And we are very much aware that we will disappoint our loyal exhibitors and the many thousands of visitors who attend each show – I can only apologise to them and promise that when we return in 2013 it will be with a significantly enhanced Erotica.”

He then went on to say  “The new show will still offer a shopping element for exciting fashion items and the more unique products that are hard to find on the High Street or Internet but there will be a big emphasis on entertainment and the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment.”

I can only add that this is a very wise decision given that last years show was so expensive for visitors and offered very little in return.

I’m looking forward to a much improved show in 2013 but I’m afraid they are going to have to do a lot of work to entice people to visit.  I wish them luck.

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