ILF Inc have announced that they have sold 2 million Fleshlights in the ten years since it was created.


Chris Marcus is quoted as saying “At a moment like this, we are grateful to all of our customers, and all of the people who have made our product into what it has become today,” said CEO Steve Shubin. “To see something that began as a mission to help men find a safe and pleasurable outlet for self-gratification transform into an international phenomenon is truly something special.”

To mark the event ILF are retailing the original Fleshlight at $49.95 – the original price – for a whole month. They’re billing this as an introductory and celebratory offer to encourage new users to try the product. Nothing at all to do with the recession hitting sales, honest.

Seriously though. It is nice to see a quality product like the Fleshlight still going strong after all this time.

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