Nithyananda SwamiA tape allegedly showing an Indian Holy man engaged in less than holy acts with two women has come to light and plunged Dhyanapeetam into turmoil. Some sources identify Tamil Actress Ranjitha as one of the women, though the identities of those in the video are disputed by those apparently implicated.

Dhyanapeetam or “Knowledge Centre” was run until his resignation by Nithyananda Swami. When the tape became public hundreds of his followers attempted to ransack the centre just outside Bangalore.

Nithyananda Swami himself is being investigated by Indian police under suspicion of “outraging religious feelings”. It comes at a time when many may be doubting the credentials of self-styled holy men of India. In recent months one has been jailed for running a brothel and another charged with kidnapping.

Nithyananda counts politicians and other prominent figures as devotees, whether this will affect their standing in India is yet to become clear. Nor is it certain what will become of the centre itself or the free food and medicine programmes for the poor which it runs.

For the moment Nithyananda Swami has announced that he is withdrawing from public life into “spiritual seclusion” for an “indefinite time”.

It is possible to find the scandalous footage on the net, though some videos have already been removed so a Google search may be required if you want to see them. However by western standards the extracts we’ve seen only involve a rather awkward and not very sensuous foot massage and the man alleged to be the swami playing with himself while still wearing some rather fetching Y-fronts while a woman watches.

You can see Nithyananda Swami’s resignation on You tube here. Though whether he should have bothered considering what is possibly the most uninteresting sex tape we’ve seen …

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