Kate Moss Sex Shop Mash Up

February 13, 2011
Kate Moss

Kate Moss Mashed

NEWSFLASH! Kate Moss is still a wild child! No kidding an internationally recognised super model goes wild and people are surprised?

During a visit to a Simply Pleasure sex shop on Brewer Street in Soho Kate moss is reported to have sniffed poppers from the display, then collapsed. On regaining consciousness she is then said to have sprayed strawberry lube around the store and rounded it off by buy 8 sex toys.

We assume she wasn’t entirely sober when she entered the shop so the wild behaviour can’t be entirely attributed to her intoxication with the atmosphere in the shop – erm, and the isobutyl nitrite.

The News Of The World is reporting it in typically lurid terms, as if Kate moss doesn’t get wasted and use sex toys. We would be surprised if she didn’t.

However sniffing poppers until you fall over isn’t to be advised.

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