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Valentine's Day

The head of Malaysia’s Department Of Islamic Development has said that Valentine’s day is “Synonymous with vice activities” Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz “Islam would reject anything … if it contravenes the Islamic teachings.”

Opinion within Malaysia is not entirely against Valentine’s day but in recent years the country has via state supported means taken an increasingly hard line against anything which it sees as anti-Islamic leaving some in the west to fear that Malaysia might move towards becoming an Islamic state rather than a secular Muslim country.

All students within the country have been sent leaflets urging them to avoid the “Valentine’s Day Trap” and police say they are planning raids on hotel rooms. We have to regard this as a publicity stunt as the last day on which two secretive lovers are going to slip off for a clandestine liaison is a day targeted by the authority looking to make an example of someone.

At the moment the third of the population who are not Muslim are not affected by the government’s edict to boycott the 14th of February. A rather interesting distinction but one that does at least show there is still a separation between the faith and law within the country.

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