The Distance Lab, developers of amongst other products the “Mutsugoto” has ceased trading after three years. Set up by The Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) body Distance Lab were looking into alternative means of remote communication.

The Mutsugoto device was mentioned on this site when the Distance Lab were looking for guinea pig couples to test it. The technology was described as:

“Mutsugoto is an intimate communication device intended for a bedroom environment. Instead of exchanging e-mail or SMS messages using generic interfaces in business-like venues, Mutsugoto allows distant partners to communicate through the language of touch as expressed on the canvas of the human body.”

In addition to the sensual light device the Distance Lab developed a virtual fighting game called remote impact which gave players the opportunity to interact with a remote opponent by attacking their adversary’s image projected on a mattress.

It’s unclear whether any commercial products have emerged from the research, three years and £2-3 million of public money. The facility in Forres has now been taken over as an annexe of the world famous Glasgow School Of Art.

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