Lelo Luna Smart Beads

Lelo Luna Smart Beads

Here’s the latest from those naughty people at Lelo:

LELO Launches Personal Pleasure Trainer that Teaches You to Orgasm More Intensely
Survey Reveals 3 out of 4 Women Experience Orgasms that Last Only 6 Seconds
Stockholm/San Jose – October 9, 2014: Swedish sex toy brand LELO has today announced the
launch of the world’s first personal pleasure training device – the LUNA Smart Bead™- aiming to
help three-quarters of the world’s women achieve the level of orgasm they have always

Recent findings from the LELO Global Sex Survey reaffirm how dissatisfied women currently feel
about their ability to climax, with 76% of women only experiencing the ‘wave’ of orgasm for less
than six seconds, while as much as 11% have yet to experience a climax at all.
The LUNA Smart Bead™ solves this issue by setting a personal pleasure training routine according
to the woman’s current orgasm potential. As one of the most advanced LELOs ever created,
women wear it internally while touch-sensors set a progressive training routine that helps
maximize their ability to climax.

While it is common knowledge that women take more stimulation to orgasm than men, LELO’s
survey reveals a number of interesting facts about the female orgasm itself:

• 76% of women claim their orgasm wave lasts less than six seconds
• 11% of women have never experienced what they would describe as a climax
• Only 4% of women are ‘Fully Satisfied’ with the strength of their orgasms
• Only 17% of women regularly experience multiple orgasms
• 33% of women believe they have never experienced a multiple orgasm

Results from LELO’s 2014 Global Sex Survey and customer questionnaires
As the world’s leading designers of premium sex toys, LELO has been collecting data through
customer questionnaires and their annual global survey for 5 years and can draw of findings
from almost 50,000 participants globally. The data is frequently used to inform future LELO
product launches and give insights on the sexual behavior of individuals and couples around the

LELO’s Head of Marketing, Steve Thomson said: “As the survey findings show, a huge majority of
women could be enjoying more satisfying orgasms on a regular basis. But every woman is also
different, so our design team developed the LUNA Smart Bead™ that uses touch-sensors to
measure orgasm potential on first use. Just like all good personal trainers, it then sets a tailored
routine that matches your current level and helps you improve your performance over time.”
The LUNA Smart Bead™ is already enjoying widespread praise from renowned sexual health
experts globally:

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