Rihanna S & M

Rihanna S & M

Pipedream Products makers of the Fetish Fantasy range of adult products have been making a lot of fuss about the use of their products in the video for Rihanna’s S & M track.

They were a pretty logical choice for props considering the theme of the video, which is unlikely to be shown on mainstream TV in the near future. It’s themes of dominance and submission coupled with a lot of bondage and Rihanna in various fetish outfits are great for all those who appreciate a little kink; Which of course doesn’t include TV schedulers.

Apart from the “Fluffy Love Cuffs” which the company mentioned when talking to the press the message was “Yay, they used our stuff” to paraphrase the Pipedream Marketing machine.  Although the company do produce some great adult products, particularly fetish and bondage accessories you would be hard pressed to notice it was their range in the video – unless they told you. LOL

What is notable about the video is that it shows how fashion, music, popular culture and fetish are merging allowing everyone to feel that previously specialist fetish clothing and other items are not just something for other people. Fetish is moving from an object of humour and often ridicule to a part of high fashion and global trends. It’s probably the injection of fun and sensuality that fashion houses need.


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