Wendy Lewis Public SexOn Monday 23 August Wendy Lewis was arrested by police, not for the crime she originally committed but for fleeing court before the judge had time to sentence her.

Lewis’s original offence centred around two incidents in Blackpool town centre. She first urinated on the war memorial and then, nearby, committed what has been described as a “sex act” on an unnamed man. Of course neither of these acts in themselves are indecent, so long as they take place at the right time, in the right context and if others are present that are happy to watch.

Lewis was captured on CCTV, subsequently arrested and convicted of “Outraging public decency”. On the way into court she was jeered by an assembled crowd of war veterans and covered her face with the hood of her jacket. Contrition, embarrassment or cowardice?

Quite what led to Lewis’s total loss of self control and judgement can only be speculated at (though in court yesterday it emerged Lewis has “drink and drug issues”) but whatever the reason it’s disturbing that anyone should be so uninhibited in a public place that they not only act in a lewd and potentially offensive way but do so on and next to a memorial to Britain’s war dead. It’s difficult to imagine a location more guaranteed to cause offence.

We at A-Rouse.com encourage all forms of sexual expression, but not without thought for others. This act seems to have been the result of either a total lapse of self control, one would hope a lapse that Wendy Lewis now regrets, or a general disregard on her part for the effect of her actions on those around her.

Lewis was tracked down and re-arrested, during the course of which she attacked one of the arresting officers.

During his summing up the judge told Lewis ‘You have got the right to do whatever you want, think whatever you want and say whatever you want. Those rights were won by people who fought for us and died for us.’ Lewis’s partner responded to this by abusing veterans attending the hearing and finally performing a Nazi salute towards them.  We hope that Lewis takes more heed of the judges comments about freedom than he did.

Lewis was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months. The judge explained that she had only escaped jail on condition that she attended a drug rehabilitation program.

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