Sexopoly Game

Sexopoly Game

A new adult game called Sexopoly has been launched by UK company IOS Games. It joins a number of adult oriented board games now available but aims to be a little different.

Sexopoly combines a commercial trading element based around different aspects of the adult industry with questions, tasks and forfeits that start off naught and end up just plain filthy. The Sexopoly game is designed for two to eight players so couples can enjoy it on their own or groups of friends can spend an evening around the board.

The rules are simple and will feel quite familiar to anyone who has played other board games. They are also open-ended enough that you can adjust them to your particular level of naughtiness. Indeed the rules encourage you to do this.

To dismiss this game as “Just another sexy board game” is wrong. It’s a well thought out product that you can use in a variety of ways to make your evening go with a swing. In fact with up to eight players swinging might be just where this ends up.

The dual aspects of the competitive game play and sensual and sexy game cards means there’s a lot of fun to be had from the devilish new game, Sexopoly.

A full review of Sexopoly will appear soon at Sex toys Buzz.

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