Tinto Brass

Tinto Brass

A director is known by the films that he makes and in the case of Tinto Brass one film in particular singles him out for attention. While he directed other titles like “The Key”, “Salon Kitty” and “Senso ’45” the title with which he will be associated in most people’s mind is “Caligula”.

The film shocked and outraged many people when it was first released and thus Brass’s name was guaranteed a degree of notoriety. While the original was sensational in its effect it was also sensationally bad. Actors like Peter O’Toole and Malcolm McDowell and a big budget failed to lift the film to the heights the film’s producers hoped. The recent “Imperial Edition” incorporating the secretly shot hardcore scenes was not an improvement, just a lot longer.

Brass is currently recovering in hospital and while his exact condition is not known at this time his son, Bonifacio, stated that Brass is communicating with him and his sister.

Brass’s next project is widely believed to be a 3D adult movie, probably a remake of his 1979 Caligula. That project may now be in the balance as such an ambitious project will need a larger than life personality to carry it through to completion.

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