Filament Magazine Review

August 12, 2009
Filament Magazine

Filament Magazine

The first thing that strikes you about Filament Magazine is that it is a glossy magazine without the gloss. I’ll explain, the magazine is bound in a satin cover and as you explore the pages there is no added gloss either.

It is lean, having stripped away all the things I previously disliked about girl’s monthlies you won’t find diets, celebrity gossip, makeup and fashion tips and the avalanche of advertising,

The result of stripping out all the un-necessary chaff is a grown up product without E-numbers it is additive free and feels organic.

Topics are varied, interesting and insightful and the photography is different and slightly edgy. Great to see male models being showcased competently, what the ladies like to look at tasteful and casually posed.

And you should see their recipe page, it’s unlike any other I have seen. In fact everything about Filament is fresh and exciting.

When you read Filament you feel part of the group, included in some way as the writers communicate with you rather than talk at you. I felt like I was in the company of girlfriends talking intelligently.

Advertising is kept to a minimum with the aim being to keep it down to less than 15%. Which is unusually low for a magazine, a fine balance between keeping the advertising down but enough to sustain publication.

Filament has attitude which blends well with the range of previously unexplored territory it covers but needs to ensure that it doesn’t try too hard to dare to be different for the sake of it in future issues. That said I do like the feisty approach and style.

On the whole Filament is a very good read and left me thinking as opposed to being consumered-out in the way that all the ads for shoes, fragrances and makeup in other magazines do. And no images of super-skinny women giving dietary advice either.

If you want a magazine to entertain, stimulate the grey matter and educate this ticks all the boxes but on the downside all this comes at a price. Seven pounds. I would like to think as the magazine grows in readership and gains advertisers the cover price will fall because regrettably that could be Filament’s Achilles heel.

And I for one would consider that a loss to all us thinking, sensual, sexual ladies out here.

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