A-Rouse.com, Lucrezia MagazineThe February edition of Lucrezia Magazine is out – According to Anastasia Mavromatis “To the Rainbow and Beyond presents the sexual diversity that existed (and exists) throughout history. Much can be said about the most recent discussions concerning amendments made to the US Constitution to reflect religious standards, and thereby prohibit same-sex marriage, but for this issue, we’ll stick to the positives and do what we do best, and that is to present a diverse collection of fine story telling, art, reviews and articles with a GLBT flavor.”

So what’s in the February Issue?

Art: Lucrezia takes you to Israel. This month you will see artwork from Israeli artist and photographer Raphael Perez. Raphael`s growth as an artist also reflects his personal experiences. His official web site, gaypaintings.com has had 25 million visitors, and grows by the day. His work is arresting, colorful, introspective, optimistic and socially significant.

Fiction: Our diverse selection explores unpredictable encounters, intimate rendezvous`, self-realization and unbridled passions, in many forms. Craig Sorensen adds a theatrical twist in Improvisation, prompting the question: who is the director and who is the actor? Mallory Path explores homoerotic intimacy, using her individual style to magnify heat, passion and libertinage. Claire Litton weaves a story that will tweak with your perception, exploring personal identity, loss and redemption. Kirsten Inani Kasai explores Sapphic passion, giving new meaning to the word ‘flash`; her story is like a bright blue flame, raising the bar for erotic flash fiction. A E Franzen returns this month with an epic tale that explores sexual dysfunction and (sensual) resolution, that will simultaneously resonate and arouse. Amanda Earl explores the resurrection of an older man’s passion and a younger man’s attraction, against the backdrop of Yellowknife mine.

Reviews: Eva Adivar explores the GLBT spectrum of sexcasts. From Evan and Paulie’s Gay Porn Talk, to fabulous Tranny Wreck, there is something for every one. I review a standout erotic anthology: Best Gay Erotica 2008 (Cleis Press), and our updated review of Polly Frost’s book (print and audio), Deep Inside, now includes an audio excerpt.

Articles: This month’s in depth interview with writer, poet and editor Alessia Brio, explores the Coming Together series of philanthropic erotic anthologies. Join Michael Cain as explores reciprocation, sex and the curse of the Ex in his essay Lost on a One-Way Street.

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