Naughty Brits Magazine

August 23, 2009
Naughty Brits Magazine

Naughty Brits Magazine

This magazine could not be called anything other than Naughty Brits. It is as British as the football league, Sunday lunch and Ford Cortinas.

Naughty Brits Magazine is about bringing you lewd and rude pictures of the British girl next door, a popular and growing genre in porn. Of course because it can be bought in your newsagents the images are subject to the usual restrictions for such publications. Just the same as any other top-shelf magazine.

There are differences though. The established top shelf glossies have more advertising to break up the content. This may be due to the relative youth of the magazine and may therefore change later in its life. For the moment however enjoy it. It may also be because the magazine is tied in with via the website providing it with other ways of making money.

Like the aforementioned sites the magazine includes amateur, semi-amateur and pro shots. In the latest edition (number 2) you get a large selection of naked amateur pictures, a photo shoot with Keisha Kane and Ben Dover, readers letters, the latest naughty diary entries by Natalie the resident diarist – suitably filthy tales of course – and features/editorial.

You may find the mix of features (such as the swingers club coverage in issue 1), picture sets, stories and letters a little bewildering. The style is brash and deliberately bawdy, but if that’s what you want, no nonsense, dirty, girl next door porn from every town in Britain then you’ll love Naughty Brits.

As you can imagine from amateur photosets generated either by the public or in the model’s own living rooms and locales, the image quality isn’t always top-notch. That of course is the whole point. So if you’re looking for models carefully airbrushed until they look almost totally unlike human beings then don’t buy Naughty Brits.

To say this is a wank mag is not a criticism, because that’s what it aims to be. Naughty Brits has no pretentions and is deservedly proud of the fact.

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