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October 28, 2007

It`s no longer a cloak and dagger affair to buy all but the most explicit adult magazines. You can buy Nuts, Zoo et al from the newsagents without even a second look from most of the other customers. OK, so if you opt for Penthouse or Mayfair you`ll have to be a little more circumspect but for the most part it`s easier to purchase printed “artistic” material of an adult nature than its ever been.

What`s surprising is that SHM (not FHM, I`m sure the similarity in naming was purely unintentional, LOL), would sit alongside Zoo and Nuts and from its outer cover look rather tame (and tasetful) in comparison. Until you open it …

S H Magazine is produced and published by The issue I`m reviewing here is issue 3. For the cover price of £4.99 I expected to find a magazine full of advertisements. Yes there are ads, but they are at a far lower level than I expected and all of them are relevant to the intended readership. It`s a refreshing change to find an adult publication whose rear pages in particular are not peppered with tacky small ads for premium rate phone lines.

So after that pleasant surprise, on to the content. Because the magazine is aimed at those in the swinging lifestyle the majority of the articles are written with those readers in mind. Luckily that doesn`t mean that non-swingers can`t enjoy them as the style is friendly, though occasionally slightly parochial in an endearing sort of way. This isn`t a criticism, it actually gives the magazine more character than I would have imagined (my preconceptions again), and makes it much easier to read.

The articles in issue 3 included reviews of swingers clubs, sex toys and erotic fiction (books). There`s a section on adult DVDs too, both 18 certificate and R18, and because this issue was published just prior to the Adults Only Show and The Xpo at the Barbican it has floor plans and visitors guides for those events too. Very thoughtful.

The articles also cover breast augmentation, BDSM, swinging solo and trans-gender issues, so as you can see this aims to be an inclusive and informative publication.

The last few pages contain a readers forum and “Readers` Pics”. The latter had me worried for a moment, as there are certain UK adult publications who insist on publishing “Readers` Wives” pictures of a rather variable quality. SHM however either exercises prudent quality control on the images or has a very hot looking readership *evil grin*.

So, would I pay £4.99 for SHM? Quite definitely, assuming that subsequent issues are of the same quality as issue 3. It`s an interesting read even for non-swingers and deserves every success

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