RedwordsaidI tried to going in to this with an open mind. Someone reading erotic stories and not just that, reading them to me at a price? Well, they better be bloody good because I can read them myself I thought. Despite trying to be open I found myself being slightly judgemental from the start, as I suppose you do when someone is offering you something you can normally get for free from a publication.

Well, wasn`t I just proved so wrong!

I clicked the play button whilst sat at my pc and waited for the audio to come online. Still slightly sceptical about exactly how much I would appreciate these stories.

The sound of gentle waves hitting a pebbled shoreline bathed my ears, immediately relaxing me, preparing me for the emotional and aural experience that was about to envelope me.

As the waves broke his voice penetrated my ears. A soft sexy Canadian voice, delicate, gently sexual. His words resonated inside my head and pulled me in within the first couple of minutes of listening. And things just got better and better.

The reader/writer takes time to relax you, encourage you to totally detach from the world around you and put time aside for your own pleasure. He leads you in to the story by the hand, totally focusing his attentions on you. Making you a part of the centre of the storyline.

I listened to two completely different stories but preferred the first one, The Room. It must be the BDSM element of the erotic encounter that thoroughly engaged me.

It took me on a journey, an education if you will … into the wonderfully erotic world of the BDSM fantasy. Until listening to this story I had never really understood the BDSM lifestyle and it`s addictive qualities. Yes, I`ve tried out variations…I`ve been tied up, dominated. Perhaps most of us have toyed with this idea.

This audio took me deeper in to this world than I had ever physically been. It took me through the suspense, the courtship between slave and master and ultimately to the divine state of subspace. “The Room”, clearly describes the feelings and emotions along route to Nirvana a place most subs encounter and embrace.

Being in a “normal”, if there is such a word, relationship it`s nice to be able to experience, even if only in words and imagination the world in which BDSM exists and indeed flourishes. By listening to this story, I did experience submission, or as close as I am going to without physically submitting. Something I`m not quite ready to do. Although, I am seriously thinking about delving that little bit deeper…

Thanks for opening my eyes and I hope others will have the curiosity to take those tentative steps.

Yes, this is an indulgence but you are worth it. It feels like I have a naughty secret love available to entertain and arouse me at my whim. 😉

I will be visiting him again shortly as he informs me that there is going to be a whole series of new BDSM stories posted up for downloading shortly.

Redword stories can be found here.

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