Ron Jeremy was a huge hit with the attendees at the CES Show in Vegas. Not surprising as it would be difficult to believe that the people at the CES did not wander across to at least one of the AVN show venues.

However while sitting on a discussion panel at the CES Ron Jeremy’s views on Internet porn raised a few eyebrows.

“Parents can block this stuff and need to stop blaming porn for a bad case of parenting,” he went on to say. “Parents should watch what their kids are doing online and take some responsibility. Don’t blame us. We have disclaimers, age notifications and software blockers. We are doing our bit.”

Ron of course is right. When it comes to responsible, legal porn sites they do take their responsibilities seriously because of the purest of motivations. Money. Porn turns over billions of dollars each year and to ensure that law enforcement agencies do not find a reason to shut you down has sound commercial benefits. Despite being the hub of Internet porn The US has some very conservative views, held by people throughout its society, most importantly in the legislature and in law enforcement. Right wing religious groups add their weight to numerous campaigns to pursue porn sites in general so being squeaky clean and exceeding, not just meeting standards set by local laws in good business practice.

Craig gross however did raise a valid point.

“The internet has changed the game completely,” said Gross. “What we used to have to work hard to find, you now have to work hard to avoid. For the most part, kids are smarter about technology than their parents. That has to change.”

The next generation of parents may face the same problems, despite being Internet savvy, because it all comes down to moving the age verification mechanisms on to sites and away from browsers, which a determined teenager will do everything they can to bypass.

Unregulated and sick porn will always be available but the porn industry and governments working together to lock down legal sites and prevent access by under-age visitors frees investigative resources can be focused on the illegal and exploitative purveyors of porn.

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