Contrary to what you might think I am quite a conventional sort of guy. You wouldn`t think it from our blog,, but I can be very reserved. Despite our openness online real life demands a certain amount of discretion when talking about certain aspects of your life (i.e. having adult websites), to avoid embarrassment, awkwardness and detrimental impact it might have on your real life job.

Which is why I found walking around the Adults Only Show last Friday a simultaneously refreshing new, yet quite familiar. It was like wandering around the adult online world, where people are more candid about sex, but actually being able to meet people face-to-face. Or face to other parts of the anatomy.

It`s really whetted our appetite and if we could afford to we’d be off to Erotica at Olympia in London. 43 days to get some cash together and create another plausible excuse to take a couple of days off work. I don’t mean that we skive off, just that the obvious question gets asked “Off on holiday?” – “Yes short break” – “Where too?” – “Here and there …” people will get suspicious.

We’ve still got a lot of material in production for this site, and will begin publishing it shortly, but until then here are a few images we took at the show.

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