Getting Jiggy With Cupid

November 22, 2007
by, Missing Kink StandWhile at the Adult Only Show Alex and I turned down one of the walkways and spotted the “Missing Kink” stand featuring the Cupids Couch which we reviewed over a year ago as one of our sex toy reviews. They were featuring the black version which we test drove and the purple one.

We were stood talking to each other about the fun we had fucking on the couch when one of the females on the stand approached us. I pointed out that we had tried, tested and reviewed the couch some time ago and that we thought it was a marvellous sex aid.

By now we were attracting the attention of the other members of the sales team including the proprietor of The Missing Kink, a very amiable and jolly guy called Paul. He approached us pointing out that he had a printed and laminated copy of a review a couple had done. And bugger me if it wasn`t the very review I had written.

What a small world.

It transpired that Paul was now the sole distributor for the Cupids Couch and I recalled that we did give him permission to use our review providing that he credited us with it and he had. 🙂 He was a really genuinely nice guy and I could not believe the irony of the situation.

We spent a while chatting about the couch and I noticed whilst speaking to him that there is now an electric pump in the box. Not a luxury we had. Poor Alex had to blow the couch up manually and then fuck me on it. All say Ahhhhh! 😉

The cogs started to turn and I realised that one of those would be a good thing. I mentioned that we didn`t have the version with the pump and Paul disappeared to the back of the stand, removed one of the boxes from the shelving and extracted a pump for me. If he only knew just how much time has been saved in pumping up the couch and now gone in to pumping me instead. Lol

There was a lot of interest around the stand and we were pointed out to the potential customers as being the reviewers. I felt a little embarrassed as they approached us, with Paul telling everyone that I wrote the review and saying just how good it was. *blush*

Furthermore, later in the day I was talking to Ana Span (I know, I`m a bloody name dropper. Lol) and I mentioned to her that we review sex toys. I then led her over to The Missing Kink stand to read an example of my work.

Ana was a charming and very attentive lady and I hope to test drive some of her DVD`s in the near future. You just can`t get enough of female produced erotica. 😉

All I can say is there are some really nice people in the sex trade.

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