Ex-Lovers Reunited

April 14, 2008

ExLOversReunited.comI found this site today and I`m having mixed feelings about the idea. There`s an old saying that you can`t cross the same bridge twice. And it`s true, time moves on, so do you and the feelings you had for someone only a few months or years ago can be very different from those you have now or the way in which you remember feeling about them.

That said, you may want to give the site a chance. The originators of the site are more than entusisatic:

“We are hugely excited by the potential new consumers we are targeting with ExLoversReunited Our extensive research within the dating and allied social networking arena indicates that the time is right for niche and boundary-pushing initiatives of this type. The interest in membership of this new site has already been overwhelming and we anticipate that the uptake of the services offered by ExLoversReunited will be more rapid than any of our other portals”

They continue …

“ExLoversReunited also uses a specialist anonymous messaging system which will safeguard users` personal details until they take the decision to reveal them to an ex-lover making contact. The site is designed to appeal to searchers from all age groups and is also styled to reflect a generic modern networking facility rather than a run-of-the-mill dating site. Potential members are invited to visit the site and review the facilities before having to commit to any type of registration; something which makes a refreshing change from many data-capture sites recently launched. One thing is certain;

ExLoversReunited will definitely be an online talking point for many months to come.”

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