Get Wrapped Up In Yourself

November 30, 2007

Bondage TapeI`m a big believer that in most cases lex parsimoniae, the simplest solution is the best. Although there are some fantastic sex toys out there, sophisticated and innovative, often the most satisfying of experiences comes from the simplest of things. And you don`t get much simpler than the Bondage Tape supplied by ETL on

The tape is made from PVC and as the site informs us “It sticks to itself – not your skin!”. This is something we`ve never tried, maybe ETL would like to send us some to play with (hint, hint).

Plenty of people have tried the tape, and sent their images into the company to be displayed in the gallery section of the site. Amateur models, male and female, have wrapped themselves in the tape, creating anything from simple blindfolds to whole outfits and sent in images of themselves to ETL.

Do you fancy doing the same? Well, ETL have created a nice little incentive for you to do so:

“We are looking for amateur male and female models to pose for photoshoots, if you are interested please forward a photo and contact details to or send them to the address on our contact page.” – And they’re offering free bondage tape in return

See for more details.

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