The Fantasy Company

January 28, 2008

A-Rouse, The Fantasy CompanyWhen you`ve found your perfect partner the possibilities are endless. Aren`t they? But what if you want to indulge yourself and your partner to the full and act out your wildest fantasy? It`s not like you can just pick up the Yellow Pages and look up a company in the “Wildest Fantasies” section now is it … well actually you can!

The Fantasy Company was started by Jim and Jen because they found themselves in the same predicament as numerous other couples. They wanted an intimate service but had no way of knowing who to approach, or if they could find someone who offered to fulfil their needs, who they could trust.

In their case it was when Jen said “I’d love to get some sexy photographs taken before everything goes South”. A simple enough task you would have thought, hire a photographer, attend a shoot and have the images blown up for the picture above your bed. But think about it; How do you know the photographer is competent for such a personal shoot? Do you know that they, the lab, or anyone else involved in producing your wall art or treasured erotic album is discreet and reliable?

That`s where TFC come in. As Gav, one of their team, told us “We are approached by photographers to shoot for us on a regular basis. [however] we don`t just let anyone work for TFC.” Gav went on to explain that the criteria they use for the selection of what might be termed “Fantasy providers” is rigorous. It doesn`t matter whether the provider is supplying a still –photo shoot, adult movie experience or pole dancing lessons. If the team at The Fantasy Company don`t think that they are competent, trustworthy and discrete The Fantasy Company will not use them.

Trust is a word that came up throughout our interview with TFC. To fully enjoy your experience with TFC you have to feel at your ease. When you are relaxed you can have fun and that, after all, is what The Fantasy Company is about!

The range of products offered by TFC is broad, covering many of the fantasies that you might already have contemplated. Prices start at than £39 for “taster” fantasies and increase with the complexity and nature of your dreams. If you can`t see your fantasy on their site they can construct a fantasy to your exact specifications.

Browsing their web site you can see the thought and care that has gone into creating this very personal service. If you decide that an adult fantasy is for you and purchase one from TFC you`ll be in for a treat.

If you opt for one of their “Fantasies In A Box” it will arrive in a deliciously pink presentation box (See inset image). A mark of the care TFC take to ensure you feel special from the moment your fantasy begins.

A-Rouse, The Fantasy CompanySelect something a little more special, perhaps a kidnap fantasy, and you`ll meet the friendly and fun-loving team (left). They manage to combine a matter-of-fact and professional approach to each fantasy with an obvious joie de vivre that puts anyone at their ease. TFC were featured recently on Bravo`s “Sexorama” show as they designed and executed a kidnap fantasy for a lucky couple.

There`s an openness about the company that permeates everything they do too. From the website, where each fantasy is clearly priced, to the atmosphere in the companies offices everything is designed to ensure that the whole Fantasy Company experience is relaxed and fun.

The company`s website is currently in the process of a redesign. Suze had a sneak preview of the new one and was very impressed. We can`t wait to see it go live.

So how do you purchase a fantasy from TFC? Well, via the website, call them on 0870 0663583 or pop in to Harrods. Yes that`s right Harrods. If you want to see just some of the products that TFC have to offer (including Burlesque Dancing, Belly Dancing and Pole Dancing courses) you can pop down to Knightsbridge. If you`re there on 13th or 14th of February 2008 you`ll be able to meet some of The Fantasy Company team.