Free Sex Toys! Yes, I Did Say Freeeee!

Alex and I have been working our little socks off lately, well Alex has done most of the work. To bring you something completely new and innovative, something you can all be a part of. And the best part about it is you can join and participate for FREE!

We are so excited 😀

Today we launch the Buzz Club over at Sex Toy Buzz. If you register yourself for the Newsletter you will automatically be entered for a free (did I just say free) Sex toy draw which will take place once a month. You`ll be issued with your own, unique draw numbers that will remain valid for as long as you are subscribed to the newsletter.

No story to submit, no competition to enter, nothing. And if you link in to the site from your blog you are automatically placed on the Sex Toys Buzz Top Referrers List with a link back to your site.

It couldn`t be simpler could it. For the full details and to sign up for membership simply .

Oh, and don`t forget to stock up on those batteries. 😉

And if you have any questions drop Alex an email:


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